Sony bans talk of custom firmware and emulators on official forums

Sony has never been comfortable with talk about cracking PlayStation Portables or homebrew hacks, but now the company is taking things an extra step and banned talk about such things on its official forums. This may be a tactical error, since one of the best aspects of the PSP is how crackable it is; no matter how many times Sony changes or updates the firmware, the scene will crack it in no time. A cracked PSP allows you to run games directly from the memory stick to save your battery, to run some classic console games via emulators, and to run homebrew games and applications. It also allows you to pirate games. You can guess which one annoys Sony the most. 老域名出售

What aren't you allowed to talk about any more?

custom firmware themes, applications, custom bootup animations/sounds, and other materials made available only with use of homebrewprograms that may be used to aid or facilitate copyright violations
(such as Eboots, ripping software, decryption software) debugging software programs designed to emulate firmware TIFF applicationsprograms designed to provide for modification of the PSP® code or
firmware, or that would allow for any exploitation of the PSP® system
firmware flashing software applications designed to bypass PSP® system and game security features emulators, ROMs, CSO, ISOs, or any other unauthorized copies of copyrighted material software or hardware designed to aid or facilitate in cheating

"Any posting found to be in violation of this policy is subject to an immediate deletion," Sony explained further on the boards. "Members who continue to violate this policy may be subject to an immediate ban from this community, or other disciplinary actions as determined by the community Administrators." Unfortunately this is going to have the opposite effect, as we're all now talking about things like custom firmware, and emulators.

Sony, the more you make this an issue, the more it will be an issue. The better move may be to turn the other cheek, enjoy the added hardware sales all these features get you, and not give custom firmware any free press.